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Kung Fu Girl Sex Game – Free Xxx Flash Game

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Kung Fu Girl Sex Game Is Now Remastered In HTML5

When it comes to the Flash porn era, many players rejoiced to get rid of that outdated technology. However, we can’t deny the fact that there were some games worth playing back in the days. There were some pinpoints in the history of adult gaming when a developer would come and change the industry with a project that they’ve done with a bit of out of the box thinking. One of those Flash games that will forever be remembered by the adult players of the 2010s is the Kung Fu Girl Sex Game.

What’s so special about this game? Well, it was one of the longest games when it launched. Most of the other games would either feature a couple minutes of fun or repetitive gameplay which although it seemed that it had many characters, it just had different skins on the same playable sex scene. This is where King Fu Girl Sex Game was different. The main character, the Kung Fu Girl had to fight and get fucked by all kinds of different enemies, each with a different set of kinks and powers they can use on her tight little pussy. And she had to resist them all. Now, don’t expect some kind of Grand Theft Auto 5 gameplays. They say it in the home screen of the game. This is a side scrolling game, the same gameplay mechanism that we’ve had in Super Mario. But let me assure you that it’s much more arousing than Super Mario Bros.

The Kinks In Kung Fu Girl Sex Game

When you’ll start this game, you will be instantly mesmerized by the beauty of the main character. She is a sexy reinterpretation of a traditional Chinese woman, with red hair, big juicy tits with huge nipples, a cleavage, her thighs and hips bare skin and with some stockings that make her look so slutty. And then the game simply begins. No customization or anything like that. You just walk until you stumble across the first enemy. It’s a weak one but it will still sexually harass you pretty well. In this game, you won’t fight not to get fuck. You will fight to escape fucking. Every single creature that comes your way is going to fuck you. Your strategy will need to find the best way of escaping the rapist. There will be tentacles, massive dicks and even women who will fuck you. You’ll get fucked until you finish the game and you will love every moment of it. The sex is so well designed and directed. The positions are amazing, there are all kinds of different additional kinks, including BDSM and the game has some awesome sound effects which alone can give you an orgasm. Amongst the creatures fucking you in the game you will meet frogs, ghosts, aliens, and even your evil sister.

The Game Is Free And It Comes In HTML5

Although this game was launched in Flash, we have a skilled team behind our sites and they managed to emulate the games in HTML5. You can play it directly on our servers and it will work on any device you might use. You won’t have to do anything before starting the gameplay. Just click or tap the play button and them enjoy the action. There’s not much liberty in the game, but the kinks are interesting, and if you’re a sucker for vintage porn, know that this game will be considered vintage in the following years. The gameplay on our site is free and we don’t even monetize the traffic of this server. We wanted to create a shrine in which to conserve old Flash games which deserve to be kept for over the years. When we will change the HTML5 games for a new generation, we will do the same with the best games on today. If you’ve been gaming in that time, come and take a walk back on memory lane. If you’ve never played sex games before the HTML5 switch, then you’ll be impressed with how different they look. And remember that this was one of the best games back then. So, we should appreciate how much the industry has evolved in the past years. Although this site seems too simple, let me assure you that you will have all the security features you need for a discrete and absolutely safe gaming experience. Enjoy vintage porn gaming on Kung Fu Girl Sex Game.

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